Incoloy 909

Incoloy 909 is a nickel-cobalt-iron alloy characterized by high strength and a constant modulus of elasticity.

The alloy’s constant coefficient of thermal expansion makes it a great fit for high temperature bolting and gauge block applications, in addition to gas turbine shrouds.

Incoloy 909 is stronger than normal steel but because of its good ductility can be readily formed by all conventional methods, with powerful equipment.

909 may be forged as long as initial working is done in the range of 2050 F to 1940 F. Finish forging between 1875 F to 1800 F is also required.

AMS Spec Application
AMS 5884 AMS 5884 is stronger than conventional steel and can be hot worked in the range of 1900 F to 1800 F.
AMS 5892 AMS 5892 is a nickel-cobalt-iron alloy with the ability to work-harden during machining.
AMS 5893 AMS 5893 is known for its stable coefficient of thermal expansion and constant modulus of elasticity.