MP159 is a Nickel-Cobalt based multiphase alloy characterized by good ductility, toughness, and ultra-high strength and corrosion resistance.

The alloy is known to feature excellent tensile strength levels in excess of 1830 MPa after being work strengthened.

MP159 is naturally ductile and is capable of being cold worked using conventional methods.

For optimum hot tensile strength of MP159, the alloy must be cold worked (45-50% reduction of area) and aged at 663°C (1225°F) for 4 hours, then air cooled.

MP159 is generally used in jet engine, marine, prosthetic device, and petroleum industry applications.

AMS Spec Application
AMS 5841 AMS 5841 is a nickel-cobalt base alloy typically used for components that operate in high temperature environments up to 649°C (1200°F).
AMS 5842F AMS 5842F is known for its good creep and oxidation resistance.
AMS 5843 AMS 5843 is a nickel-cobalt base alloy that combines ductility, corrosion resistance, and ultra-high strength.