Waspaloy is an age hardening nickel base superalloy characterized by solid oxidation resistance and serviceable strength at temperatures up to 1400-1600°F.

While Waspaloy’s creep-rupture strength is better than that of alloy 718 at temperatures higher than 1150-1200°F, Waspaloy’s short time hot tensile strength is inferior to 718 at temperatures up to 1350°F.

Welding is hard to do but is possible as long as Waspaloy is in the solution annealed condition.

The alloy’s high strength and oxidation resistance to 1750°F make it perfect for shafts and fasteners, gas turbine components, missile systems, and airframe assemblies.

AMS Spec Application
AMS 5544 AMS 5544 is a nickel based age hardenable alloy featuring good corrosion resistance, particularly to oxidation.
AMS 5586 AMS 5586 is characterized by high temperature strength and commonly used in critical rotating applications.
AMS 5704 AMS 5704 is a precipitation hardening, nickel-based alloy requiring considerable strength and corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 1600°F (871°C).
AMS 5706 AMS 5706 features excellent corrosion resistance and is typically used at temperatures up to 1600°F.
AMS 5707 AMS 5707 is an age hardening nickel base alloy perfect for use in temperatures up to 1400-1600°F.
AMS 5708 AMS 5708 is features greater creep rupture strength than that of alloy 718 at temperatures above 1150-1200°F.
AMS 5709 AMS 5709 is known for its good corrosion resistance to oxidations.
AMS 5828 AMS 5828 is a precipitation hardening, austenitic nickel-base alloy typically used in elevated temperature applications.