MP35N is an age hardenable Nickel-Cobalt alloy characterized by toughness, ductility, ultra high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. The alloy’s ability to resist stress corrosion cracking in sea water, hydrogen sulphide, and other chloride solutions makes it the perfect fit for hostile environments.

MP35N’s unique properties are manifested through work hardening, phase transformation and aging.

Service temperatures up to 750°F are recommended once the alloy is in the fully work hardened condition.

Applications for MP35N include dental products, medical devices, nonmagnetic electrical components, fasteners, springs, and instrument parts in oil and gas well, and chemical and food processing environments.

AMS Spec Application
AMS 5758 AMS 5758 is a multi-phase alloy containing Nickel, Cobalt, Chromium and Molybdenum that features good corrosion resistance, toughness, biocompatibility, and extreme strength.
AMS 5844 AMS 5844 is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant alloy that is strengthened by work hardening and aging.
AMS 5845 AMS 5845’s  high strength and corrosion resistance, high modulus, ease of fabrication, and other mechanical properties make it a go-to alloy for dental braces.